Herbal tea recipes homemade Love Yourself Beautiful Homemade Herbal Tea

Herbal tea recipes homemade “Love Yourself Beautiful” Homemade Herbal Tea
Hey, guys! Do you want to know how to make your own herbal tea blend? Have a look at this guide, because there is nothing better than having a nice fragrant cup of homemade herbal tea blend, right?
Yes, I’ve gotten into my autumn mood already, and have just checked all the herbs that I’ve stored and dried during the summer. Even though my favorite is still green tea, I am a sucker for anything tasty and tea-like.
Let’s have a look at homemade herbal tea blends!
Blending teas is one of the easiest, most satisfying ways to reconnect to the age-old practice of herbal medicine, a healing system that's been relied on by every culture in the world. Though it may sound like a mysterious art, the blends you'll create -- for everyday ailments like the common cold, stress, PMS, indigestion, and seasonal allergies -- are quite simple, made with safe, versatile, readily available herbs. In the process you'll learn underlying principles and techniques for blending and brewing that herbal healers have been using for centuries


  • 1 teaspoon cut licorice root (heaped)
  • 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • 5 cardamom pods
  • A good sprinkle of dried rose petals
  • 400ml (1 3/4 cups) water


  • You can make this in a teapot or a saucepan. It helps if you have a pestle & mortar (although not essential).
  • Use a pestle & mortar to crush the licorice root down further (if needed).
  • Crush the fennel seeds and cardamom pods.
  • If you don't have a pestle & mortar then just crush down with a sharp heavy knife. Or if you can't crush them (or can't be bothered just use more of the herbs instead to get the flavors and properties more).
  • Boil some water and put everything together (except the rose petals) in a teapot (or boil together in a saucepan).
  • Let everything infuse for up to 10 minutes - add the rose petals a minute before you serve.
  • Use a tea strainer to pour.
  • Enjoy!
This post is all about the importance of loving yourself (and to celebrate I am making a cup of homemade herbal ‘love yourself beautiful’ tea and sharing the recipe below).
For most of my life, I’ve found it much easier to be there for other people, to love others, rather than to love myself, although I’ve been working on this over the last couple of years, with increasing success. It is definitely important to make a priority of taking care of ourselves. Sort of like in the event of an airplane emergency, putting on your own oxygen mask first.
Homemade herbal ‘love yourself beautiful’ tea then! For me, it’s the whole process. Selecting the herbs in the first place (I did this from the health food store, but other people might grow and dry them at home) is a lovely process. Then there is the delight of feeling the energy of each ingredient and seeing what I am drawn to. It all comes from the heart. It’s connective. It brings us closer to the circle of life and love. And then the process of feeling which herbs want to go in the pot together at that particular time. Exciting.
There’s something very loving about taking time to connect with each herb – feeling it in your hands – inhaling the fragrance – just really connecting with it. Just taking the time to do that, rather than rush-rush-rush. That is LOVING YOURSELF. That love and care you put into making your tea then infuses right back into yourself when you drink it too.
In today’s recipe, I am using licorice root. It’s a good remedy for adrenal fatigue, stress and generally over-doing it (which is most of us!). It’s an adaptogenic herb, which basically means it helps us to cope with stress.
You can get it (and the other herbs here) in good health food stores, herb shops, or online. Licorice root comes in sticks, although for the purpose of tea, you’ll need it cut. I’ve found it cut into chunks or cut much more finely.
I’ve taken a photo just below to show you what it looks like. I do tend to uses the finest cut for my tea, but use whatever you can find. If you aren’t happy that yours is fine enough, then give it a crush with a pestle & mortar.
The other herbs I am using here are fennel. Fennel is good for skin health, digestion, blood pressure, bone health. A good all-rounder. I enjoy its aniseed vibe.
I am also using cardamom pods. A personal favorite. This magical spice enjoys a colorful history dating back thousands of years. Spiritually, the energy of cardamom has the power to cut through the confusion of a busy mind, creating more clarity, whilst helping to lift heavy, depressed feelings. Cardamom encourages us to become more present, in the ‘here-and-now’, as well as helping to open the third-eye to awaken our inner realms of deeper insight. You can read all about it here: All about Cardamom and its Health Benefits
And finally, I just adore pink rose petals when I am making a ‘love yourself’ tea. They are just brimming with love, love, love. They delight me. That aroma – ahhhhhhh! The color. Here’s a lovely recipe to enjoy…

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