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But kittens between 2 months and 4 months old are more difficult and time-consuming. ACA advises against trying to socialize kittens that are older than 4 months of age or adult feral cats.Have the kitten examined by a vet.As always, start by taking the kitten to the vet to be de-wormed, receive any necessary vaccines, and assess overall health. Feral Cat FOCUS does not recommend attempting to socialize adult feral cats or kittens older than three months of age. BEFORE YOU MOVE FORWARD CONSIDER. 1. Time: Do you have the time it takes to socialize kittens? You will have to commit to caring for them one-on-one for at least a couple of hours each day, for a period of a few weeks to a.

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Feral cats are either totally feral (no human contact or only negative human contact), semi-feral (some positive human contact), or converted feral (abandoned house cat that becomes semi-feral). Totally feral cats will be the most difficult to tame and socialize, and converted feral cats will be the easiest. [54]

How to socialize feral kittens. The vests are not only a fantastic way to socialize the kittens and get them ready for adoption, but they also help to save lives. The faster a feral kitten is socialized, the faster she can be adopted out, which frees up space for another animal to be rescued and adopted. The vests are also, of course, insanely adorable, which is a major perk. It is very important that they socialize with other humans. Feral cats tend to bond with one human so they best adjust to a new home if they are socialized with other humans before being adopted out. Placement. Kittens can be adopted out at 8 weeks or so if tamed and socialized to humans. Socializing Feral Kittens “Kittens that are not exposed to humans early in their lives learn from their mothers and quickly become feral,” according to The Feline Fix. “However, if they are caught and handled at a young enough age, feral kittens can be socialized and placed in loving homes.”

Most feral kittens are frightened by interactive play when first exposed to humans. Start with a toy that isn't too threatening and allows distance—a toy on the end of a stick, for example. Be flexible and experiment—and then use whatever proves to be the kitten's favorite toy as a reward for new steps or a break-through to a new plateau. Most expert feline trappers, and those who also try to socialize kittens say that 16 weeks aka 4 months is the cut off for ability to socialize a truly born feral kitten.… About Events & Adventures Feral kittens that are between 4 to 10 weeks old are especially suitable to socialize. Several organizations recommend not to take a cat from the wildness if they are all grown up already. Even if your intentions are the best, you can harm the cat.

In fact, we do kittens a disservice when we don't actively attempt to socialize them, says Shawn Simons, the founder of Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, based in Los Angeles, California. And don't let the name fool you. It is a nonprofit with a serious mission: to rescue feral street kittens and turn them into beloved pets. kittens—or you. Socializing and caring for feral kittens is a time-consuming process which requires devotion, patience, and attention. The decision to bring feral kittens into your home should not be taken lightly. Before you move forward consider: 1. Time: Do you have the time it takes to socialize kittens? You will have to commit to Typically, the older kittens are, the longer it will take to socialize them, and it is intensive work requiring proper time and space. Depending on a kitten’s age and temperament, he or she may never become a good candidate for adoption. In attempting to socialize an older kitten who seems borderline feral, we recommend giving it 2 weeks maximum.

For example, kittens not exposed to positive experiences with humans during this period will be wild (feral) critters and never accept people. Proper socialization teaches a cat how to be a cat, proper feline manners, how to communicate with other felines , and who the cat's friends and enemies are. So how do we “socialize” this terrified cat? Whether she is two months old or two years old*, it’s quite simple. We don’t. We completely change our mindset. If you’re adopting or fostering a feral cat, all that is required for your mutual happiness is her trust. The rest follows naturally. The age of your kitty will affect her timeline. Congratulations on deciding to foster and socialize kittens! Spending time with these fuzzy little guys, though a lot of work, will also be a lot of fun. We have tons of tips on how to help your mini kitties feel at ease around people, and how to help them grow up to be loving companion animals.

Some Helpful Guidelines for Taming Feral Kittens. Kittens under 8 weeks can usually be socialized without much difficulty following the guidelines detailed below. Kittens over 8 weeks of age who've had no positive interaction with humans often take much longer to socialize. How to Socialize Your Kitten. Early socialization will help your kitten grow up to become a well-adjusted cat who's confident around people. Work with your kitten as soon as possible so it becomes comfortable and secure around you. You'll... Set aside time to socialize a kitten by spending time with each kitten individually, and exposing them to a variety of safe touch, sights, sounds, and smells. The best exposure to new experiences for your kitten happens early—by 9 weeks of age. Continue to socialize to reinforce positive behavior.

When handling feral kittens you may see this too, especially if you’re looking to trap them and socialize them. Some of them may not be inclined to socializing. If that’s the case, that’s a sign that it may be a bit more feral than you expected, and in that case, it might be best to return them to the colony. We’re talking about cats who hid from and avoided people, cats who might be considered feral by some. The socialization process you’re about to learn was born out of necessity. There were around 800 cats at the Great Kitty Rescue and Best Friends staff were determined to socialize as many of them as possible, so the kitties could get rid of. Tough Love: Socializing Feral Kittens. Mike Phillips of Urban Cat League and the NYC Feral Cat Initiative teaches you how to tame feral kittens to make them ready for adoption into homes instead of life on the streets.

Feral kittens are kittens who have not yet been socialized to humans. Their behavior might seem avoidant, scared, or even aggressive -- but with enough patience and the right kind of care, they can often come around and become loving companions. Here are some tips for working with feral kittens: Be careful when handling feral kittens.

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